PMJ - Homologated Protections
Protezioni omologate



Thanks to innovative materials and ergonomic shapes, PMJ protectors are perfect for following body shapes and cushioning strokes.
Removable, guarantee a high performance if inserted and become the comfortable jeans if removed.

Only 25% of motorcyclists wearing protective trousers that will help to save the legs during a fall. The majority of injuries affecting the lower limbs during a fall, are abrasions and lacerations.
PMJ’s technology is the answer for this safety problem.

PMJ jeans are supplied with Omologate CE 1621-1 protectors. These protections are made of high density thermoplastic material, produced in Italy and tested at different temperatures (+/- 20 °).
This type of protection has obtained a very low residual force value of 16.2Kn.

The protectors are made of anatomical shape and fit perfectly to body parts that need to be protected during an impact.
On PMJ jeans, the knee protectors are equipped with a height-adjustable system.
Thanks to this useful tool, you can position the protectors according to the different height of the user and according to your preferences.


Shoulder / Elbow protectors made of lightweight and flexible Hilon material, built in 3D form.
These protectors without edge are soft and flexible, perfect choice for garments with maximum efficiency and articulation

CE Approved EN 1621-1:2012

Size 20,4 cm x 15,4 cm. ; Weight 72 gr. ; 9 mm thickness. Sold in pairs | Colour green.


Certified protection for the hips made of lightweight high-density PU with anatomic shape,
are equipped with Velcro for anchoring with jeans and height adjustment.

Approved protectors EN1621-1:2012

Sold in pairs


Hip padding made in Memory Foam high density material, anatomical, removable and adjustable.
The soft rubber material absorbs the impact in an excellent way.
The mesh covering favors breathability.
An excellent solution for protection, without sacrificing comfort.

Suitable for PMJ model: Dakar, Vegas, Caferacer, Voyager, Santiago, Santiago Zip, New Florida, Caferacer Lady, Skinny, Santiago Lady.


Certified knee protectors made of lightweight and flexible PU, built-in 3D. Thin, light and breathable, it is the perfect choice for garments where the protection must be invisible, but with maximum efficiency. Protections with thin edges for greater comfort and have 2 articulation points to facilitate movement. Fully ventilated for better breathability. Equipped with 2-point Velcro for anchoring with jeans and height adjustment.

Approved protectors EN1621-1:2012

Sold in pairs

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