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Our philosophy has always been the safety of motorcyclists, because we are motorcyclists too.
Our jeans were born to exceed the limits imposed by safety regulations and they have always done so.
Actually we are ahead of the competitors because our products have always been approved to the new European legislation, for sure.



A pants to be approved as “protective garments for motorcycle riders” and to determinate the level of protection must be subjected to the following steps:

EN17092 part 1:

Test methods

EN17092 part 2:

AAA – Heavyduty protective garments

EN17092 part 3:

AA – Medium-duty protective garments

EN17092 part 4:

A – Lightduty protective garments

EN17092 part 5:

B – Lightduty abrasion protection garments

EN17092 part 6:

C – Impact protector ensemble garments




A pants to be approved as “protective clothing for professional motorcyclists”must have passed all 4 tests listed below:


UNI EN 13595-1:2002

Protective clothing for professional motorcyclists; Jackets, trousers and suits – general requirements.

UNI EN 13595-2:2002

Test method for determination of impact abrasion resistance.

UNI EN 13595-3:2002

Test method for determination of burst strength (stitching resistance).

UNI EN 13595-4:2002

Test method for determination of impact cut resistance.



PMJ chose to submit the materials used in laboratory tests. In this way, we are able to provide reliable values ​​and indicators of what is the real potential of our products. A certified laboratory outside of our company has carried out tests on our behalf, according to the methods and requirements of the European Motorcycle Personal Protective Equipment (DPI).

Il TWARON® used in our products has been subjected to the impact abrasion test according to European EN13595-2, achieving a value of 7.90 seconds of resistance, achieving the highest level of safety expected: level 2. Also during the tests for the determination of the impact resistance (EN13595-4) and the seam burst resistance (EN13595-3), the result is in line with level 2. To be defined as protective under the law (or a DPI), motorcycle clothing must be certified according to this standard. Without this certification the safety is not guaranteed.

Cut resistance test

Burst stitches test

Impact abrasion test

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