PMJ - Video


PMJ - Collection 18

PMJ - Backstage / Collection 2018

PMJ - At Work

PMJ - Lavorazioni 01

PMJ - Lavorazioni 02

PMJ - Lavorazioni 03

PMJ - Lavorazioni 04

WEST PMJ - giubbino moto con protezioni

PMJ Jeans Collection 2017

PMJ Jeans Collection 2017 - Spot 30 sec.

PMJ City and Florida Jeans

PMJ Florida Girl Jeans

PMJ Citizen and Vegas Jeans

PMJ Jeans Collection 2016

PMJ Man Models Jeans 2016

PMJ Florida Woman Jeans

PMJ Santiago and Florida Jeans

PMJ Under construction

PMJ Time Lapse EICMA 2015

PROMOJEANS Test resistenza scoppio cuciture - Burst Strenght Test - EN13595-3:2002

PROMOJEANS Test resistenza taglio Twaron® - Test impact cut - EN13595-4:2002

PROMOJEANS - Test Abrasione da impatto EN13595-2:2002 Twaron®

Promojeans - PMJ - TITANIUM Official video

PROmojeans - Official EICMA 2014 presentation

Festival dell'intelligenza collettiva - PROmo jeans story

PROmo jeans - 2012 company presentation - Bikers Jeans Made in Italy

Made in Italy - PROmo jeans

STUNT PROmo jeans

PROmo Freestyle Team

Acrobatic Group - Fano super quad Show

PitStop SwotGang Bike EXPO 2010 - parte terza

SwotGang PitStop Bike Expo 2010 - seconda parte

SWOT - PitSTop ...parte prima

SWOTGANG + PROmo jeans

PROmo jeans - fase di confezionamento capo

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